F-4E Phantom II Hellenic (Greek) Air Force detail conversion set for the Zoukei-Mura kit 1/48

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The set contains the following parts to convert the ZM kit into a Greek F-4E Phantom II example prior the AUP current version (Avionics Upgrade Program):

  • Slatted outer wings (cast in a special hard resin to prevent warping) with separate slats (parts in the photos with grey primer to better show the detail)
  • Inboard slat inserts. No cutting is required for their installation
  • ALQ-126 DIAS antennas for the radome, intakes as well as the chute cap (optionally used)
  • Formation "slime" lights with rivet detail (self adhesive white vinyl as well, the red in the photos is only for better visibility)
  • TISEO pod (with a clear lens and visible internal detail)
  • Strike cameras (more accurate than the kit contained parts)
  • New cockpit detail for the RSO office comprising of L/H console, 3D printed throttle handle, radar scope with shroud and new instruments for the main IP
  • Updated radar scope console (optionally used)
  • Rear view RSO mirrors

Please use reference material as need. Differences may exist between each aircraft.

As this is a limited production set, the maximum quantity per order is set to 1 piece.

In cooperation with Hypersonic Models.

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