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Terms and conditions.

Personal data & Security

The personal data you provide to WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM is used exclusively by WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM with the aim of promoting and implementing the trading relationship, moreover no one else is allowed to use it without complying with the provisions of Law Ν. 2472/97 on protection of personal data, as in force from time to time. WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM acts in accordance with the current legislation. Your personal data is under security as long as you are a registered member of WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM e-shop and is deleted if requested by you.


Customer’s Obligations & Rights

The customer must necessarily register as a member to WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM e-shop completing the information required from the relevant form accurately, in order to enable the desired purchases. The customer is obliged to indicate an address (of residence or of work), for order’s delivery which will take place during working days and hours. The responsibility lies exclusively with the customer in case that the order’s shipping address is declared incorrectly. The customer has the right to change products of equal value if they have not been used or processed, within 14 calendar days from their receipt, taking the responsibility of the delivery charges while returning the products to the company, as well as informing the last one for the new desired products, since these are available. The customer has the right to cancel the order, since the product’s packaging has not been opened, within 14 calendar days from their receipt, returning the product to its original condition while assuming the costs and sending the relevant form.

Method of payment

The payment for the online shopping through the online store is made exclusively via PAYPAL. 

Product Availability

WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM  ensures the availability of the products included in the online store unless stated otherwise.

Product delivery time The handling and the delivery of the orders is completed almost within 7 working days from the day of the order.

Restriction & Responsibilities

WWW.SCALEINDETAIL does not undertake responsibility towards customers / users for any damages which may arise from the non-execution of their orders. In addition, the delivery time of the goods is reserved in cases of force majeure. If any product is deteriorated or destroyed during its transportation, the company undertakes its replacement. In cases of changes and returns, the company responds within 21 calendar days from the receipt of the products.


WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM undertakes the packaging of your order without any additional charge and with the utmost care to ensure your package will be delivered intact.

Pricing policy

The customer always pays the price indicated in the price lists at the time of the order. The values indicated in each product apply to the final values with VAT and do not include the delivery charges. The last ones are charged to the customer and added to the final confirmation of the order.


The company undertakes to replace any defective product or any product that has been deteriorated or destroyed during its transportation.

Other Terms

WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM reserves the right to modify, add and change the content or the services of WWW.SCALEINDETAIL.COM website, as well as to modify or to renew the terms and conditions of trade, while undertaking the obligation to inform consumers of any change. The company ensures the accuracy of e-dealing, until the order being placed, with technical means which monitor all stages of data import, detect errors in e-dealing and inform of their correction automatically. The e-shop maintains a record of all orders.

Cookies Use & Settings

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